Tuesday, May 6, 2014

More Evil On The Way

Scott Swan and Wayne Burgess, the co-founders of Evilflix, proudly announce the start of their next movie. It's been four years since the team broke cinematic taboos with the taut underground thriller BIG JUNIOR. Currently they're in pre-production on their long awaited follow-up project, COLLECTION OF EVIL VOL 1, which promises to not only carry on the Evilflix tradition of extreme brutality but redefine it in shocking and perverse new ways.

Not much is known about COLLECTION OF EVIL VOL 1, except that it is a depiction of unbound sadism and a unflinching glimpse at the underbelly of humanity. In an effort to embrace even more extreme subject material, Swan and Burgess have created a new sub-brand under the Evilflix banner: Evilflix Contaminated.

"Evilflix will continue to produce light entertainment like BIG JUNIOR," Swan jokes, "while Evilflix Contaminated will grind out truly deranged, sickening filth. This stuff is mentally polluted and shouldn't be viewed without proper protective gear."

Photography will commence this summer in Florida and the finished movie is due out in late 2014. Pre-sales details will be announced soon here at http://evilflix.blogspot.com/.

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