Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Big Junior 5th Anniversary

Well, next year marks the fifth anniversary of Evilflix's inaugural cinematic voyage: BIG JUNIOR. Yes, five years. I have to give thanks to all those who helped make the movie and to all those who have fueled the insanity by purchasing the movie. I love you all.

To purchase a signed DVD, please inquire with me at for easy to follow instructions. It makes a wonderful gift, too.

Scott Swan
Writer/Director of Big Junior

1 comment:

  1. A great movie, that made a great recent double bill alongside Ryan Nicholson's Gutterballs here at the El Casa Del Rick Cinema Club. I wish you would make another extreme noir, or anything or sell a script or publish some fiction, man.Voices like yours help me keep my sanity. I personally think you should make a CAT III inspired movie, with that color scheme, music style and Asian American actors switching from Cantonese to English throughout. Alternately, a CAT III inspired anthology. I know Nicholson would be up for it in a heartbeat, as he's so obsessed with CAT III, and a good band who'd provide music, through Willy Barter, another CAT III obsessive. Cheers.