Tuesday, May 6, 2014

CoEv1, Update from Swan

Some concerns were raised about the press release and how some big words were used. So I decided to address this. And I appreciate the concern, trust me.

I'm not trying to top anybody. All I can do is call upon my ferocious originality and attempt to deliver something that really provokes and entertains on a sick, perverse level. And I definitely want my audience to feel they got bang for their buck, too. I'm not here to waste your time, or mine for that matter.

The great news is I'm back and I feel confident as hell about this one. I've already written a couple segments that I cannot wait to shoot. They are absolutely more brutal than anything in Big Junior, and I'm trying to stay as original as I can. One segment is so original it's difficult for me to even describe it. Basically, I just can't wait to jump back in.

Big Junior wasn't made of mainstream audiences. It was made for people who revel in underground and shock cinema. If you consider yourself in the underground, then I consider you my friend. At a convention, approach me and say hi. I am all about getting to know you and deliver to you the very best entertainment I can possibly put together with my creative drive, a little bit of money, and my undying mission to give you something beyond your expectations. It's always a tall order, but I'd rather give it everything I've got and try damn it.

I really hope to make Collection of Evil Vol 1 something unique and special. Thank you for your ongoing discussions and any faith that might spark.

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